I wish I could say that I have been taking pictures for almost as long as I can remember, but this would sadly not be true.

My first 'proper' camera was a Mamiya MSX500 SLR which I bought while at university in the mid-1970s. I managed to acquire a key to the university darkroom and so began my real photographic journey. The Mamiya was followed by a Canon FTBn and then a Pentax Spotmatic SLR, thus beginning my love affair with this venerable brand.

Marriage and children took up most of my energy (and money!) for quite a few years, although I continued to snap away when I had opportunity. It was in early 2003 that I decided to take up the hobby again with any sort of seriousness and joined Carshalton Camera Club in South London. I haven't looked back since! My first faltering attempts at producing competition pictures were met only by encouragement and I freely acknowledge my debt to 'CCC' and its members.

I won the B class print competition in the season of 2005/2006 and was promoted to the A class. To my huge surprise I won the A class print competition the following season and the club's 'Master Photographer' trophy the year after, a title I won for a second time in 2009 and a third in 2010.

Seeking a challenge I set myself the task of gaining the 'LRPS' distinction (Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society) and this was awarded in March 2007.

Thanks to encouragement from my club and some members of the RPS Forum I embarked on a project of photographing the London Underground and this resulted in the 'ARPS' distinction (Associate of the Royal Photographic Society) which was awarded in March 2008.

I have won the South London Federation of Photographic Societies AV Competition three times (2006, 2008 & 2009) as well as twice winning the SCOLA (Sutton College of Learning for Adults) 'Spirit of Sutton' photographic prize (2006 & 2008).

In 2009 I was registered as a judge for both the Surrey Photographic Association and the Federation of South London Photographic Societies. In 2014 I was promoted to the 'A list' of judges and appointed chair of the Judges Committee of the Surrey Photographic Association.

In November 2015 I received the CPAGB Distinction (Credit of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.